Right Fit Solar first provides a consultation.

We sit down with you to explain how solar and the whole process works. Then we review your power consumption, explain all the available tax and financial incentives. While onsite we go over the mounting options available to you and provide you a yearly energy report that shows in detail how much power your system will generate every month of the year in your exact location.  Lastly we present different finance options available. Our goal is to make this happen with no money out of pocket & to be in the black from day 1.


Then we design, order, permit and install your custom solar system

We know you are busy with life, so Right Fit Solar does all of this for you. Other then a few signatures and a couple calls to set up the installation, we handle everything start to finish. Our price also includes everything start to finish, no surprises or hidden costs along the way. Our workers show up on time and finish ahead of schedule. 


Maintenance & Worry Free Solar Power Generation for Life

Right Fit Solar provides continuous inspection, monitoring, and maintenance throughout the life of your system. All systems include a lifetime monitoring system that is hardwired to your internet. If something goes wrong it alerts us both and we come out, fix it or replace the solar panels that are malfunctioning. Solar just works, there is no routine maintenance needed, no oil or fluids to maintain and best of all no moving parts, other then your new bidirectional electric meter spinning backwards when you send unused power back into the grid. 


WE PROVIDE THIS REPORT TO YOU FREE - Just simply click the I WANT MY FREE SOLAR REPORT button below and click the GET IN TOUCH button at the bottom of the page it links you to, supply us your Name, Address and Email and we will happily send you this valuable information. Our software will make a 3D image of YOUR own house or business, show you how many solar panels we can fit on YOUR roof with YOUR local ordinances, HOA bylaws, county statures and guidelines, and best of all show you what YOUR actual solar energy system on YOUR own roof will produce in power / dollars each month of the year. This free bankable info alone has saved over $700k to our potential clients last year. Beware many solar companies are grossly over promising a solar PV system's yearly energy production and how would you know otherwise? We promise our Yearly Energy Savings or We PAY YOU. 

Hail / Wind Damage in FL / NC / SC???


* This is the last year to get over 60% of the entire solar system for your business paid for in tax incentives and rebates in 49 states and over 85% paid for in South Carolina...

* Going solar will significantly reduce your business's electric costs (overhead) and provide access to huge valuable tax incentives. 

* With rising electric rates, a solar energy system for your facility makes sense. Let us help reduce your operating costs and environmental impact with a turnkey solar power system from Right Fit Solar.

* Right Fit Solar can provide you with a free quick solar energy proposal and energy / financial analysis for your business. 

* We make going solar one of the easiest and most profitable decisions you will ever make. 

Free Right Fit Solar Media Package

Right Fit Solar includes a custom media package with every solar energy system, giving your marketing team the materials they need to showcase the positive economic and environmental impact your business is having on the local community and giving your business a valuable PR and branding boost.

Package Includes:

  • Custom HD drone flyover video and imagery of the solar PV array.
  • A 42" display monitor that can be mounted in your lobby to show customers your real-time solar energy production.


Partner with Us

Want to get into the fast growing solar market and add a huge additional revenue stream? 

"We give you the tools and support needed to offer solar to your customers to increase revenues, without disrupting your current operating model."

Does your business have new or existing clients who might be interested in solar? Get an additional revenue stream for your business by partnering with Right Fit Solar and offer your clients the ability to go solar! We make it easy for your business to add solar to your array of capabilities to increase revenues, without disrupting your current business model.

Right Fit Solar will provide your business with our pv design and proposal platform backed by a solar support team, giving your sales force the ability to provide transparent and concise solar energy proposals to your clients without much experience or big learning curve.

The solar installations will be done fast, efficiently and correctly. They can be completely done in house by us or we can take the time to train your current work force to install the solar systems you sell in the best ways.

All sales, marketing and contract related materials you provide to your customers are custom branded with your logo.

There is no better time than now to offer solar due to these 8 following reasons. 

1-Energy prices and energy usage continues to rise. 

2- This is the last year that the full 26% federal ITC solar tax credit will be available to offset 26% of the total solar system cost.

3- South Carolina State’s 25% solar tax credit has no expiration date and I’m sure Duke Energy and SCE&G are lobbying to do away with it. 

4- In 2018, a new solar project was installed in the U.S. almost every 100 seconds

5- Total installed U.S. Solar PV capacity will more than double over the next five years

6- Most solar companies do more than 60% of their yearly business in the last quarter of the year. 

7- Q4 in 2018 was the largest quarter for the residential solar segment in two years & saw the total US solar installed increase 139% from Q3 

8- 314,600 new residential solar PV systems were installed in 2018

Typical Right Fit Solar partners range across all industries

· Contractors (General, Roofing, Electrical, HVAC) * Already in the construction field great, read special section at bottom

· Architectural and Design Firms

· Developers / Builder Hedge Funds / Venture Capitalists

· Energy Brokerages / Consultancies

· Signage & Graphic Design Companies

· Financial & Insurance Institutions

Real Estate Agencies & Agents 



Offer Solar to New or Existing Clients

We have simplified the residential and commercial solar acquisition process. Right Fit Solar handles all of the desktop work consisting of solar PV design, analysis, financing, engineering, interconnection approval, incentives monetization, procurement, and monitoring. We can help you in the training of existing staff and sales staff and or help you in acquiring new or more staff. We can teach your existing or new installation staff in solar installation, or we can simply install each solar system you sell ourselves.


Do you know a home owner, business or commercial property owner that might be interested in solar? If so refer them to Right Fit Solar and we will pay you a referral fee of $0.04 per watt of the solar energy system purchased. The smallest size residential solar PV system we sell is a 5000 watt system, so that’s an additional $400 of revenue for just an easy referral. Most commercial systems start at 20000 watts in size, hence a $1600 referral fee

Current Solar Installers 

Is your company a professional solar electric contractor who installs residential or commercial solar energy systems? Are you looking for additional revenue streams? We do put bids out for the onsite permitting and installation to preferred, vetted, licensed and insured electrical contractor partners. If so, we would be glad to have you bid on our projects that we can’t complete in house as business grows or during our super busy 4th quarter season. Register for free on our proprietary bidding platform and start bidding today!

Already In the Construction Industry?

Right Fit Solar has its own installation team that can help to get your current installation team or subs trained in efficient solar installation, customer service and site evaluations. My team can work with your current team members in coordinating the roof and solar installations, ordering equipment that will be needed and scheduling its delivery to job sites. We can get your staff involved in generating positive new client reviews and satisfactory job completion paperwork signed by new clients. We also address correct procedures for handling client complaints and upgrades/ upselling for any new work the client wishes to be preformed once the original contract is completed or during installation. We work in the coordination of many other aspects involved in solar sales. These can include additional construction work or energy efficiency measures in a client's house or business. Examples are things like attic work, energy efficient windows, electrical, plumbing, patio/ concrete/ hardscape work and HVAC services.

Green Building with Solar

In the market to build a new house, renovate your existing home or want to build a vacation house???



The Definition of Green Design 

Design and construction practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and occupants.

If you are in the market for building a new house, updating your existing house or thinking about a vacation house, the solar tax credits apply to any of those decisions. We have 3 General Contractors, 4 top notch Architects and 6 Engineers from all different fields partnered with our company. We can work with you to design an air tight, super energy efficient house that is completely solar powered with lithium ion battery backup systems for night power usage. The federal 26% dollar for dollar ITC solar tax credit can is available in any state and in addition to that 26% in South Carolina there is a 25% solar state tax credit. We will help you design the house to maximize what Uncle Sam puts in towards your mortgage with these gigantic tax credits. Not paying an electric bill in just 10 years means an average savings of over $20k. But hurry 2020 is that last year for the 26% ITC federal solar tax credit...

 Anyone who has got any pleasure at all from nature should try to put something back. Life is like a superlative meal and the world is the maitre d'hotel. What I am doing is the equivalent of leaving a reasonable tip. – Gerald Durrell (b. 1925) British conservationist, author 


WHY WAIT??? The Incentives Can't Get Any Better Than Now...

Every State has a 26% dollar for dollar ITC Federal Tax Credit. SC has a 25% dollar for dollar State Tax Credit in addition to that. Right Now in NC Duke Energy has opened up their wallet to help its customers in NC go solar with anywhere from a $2500 - $6000 Rebate Check for residential clients and up to a $50000 Rebate Check for businesses. This is a check made out directly to you from Duke Energy that you can get usually a few weeks after we interconnect the solar system to their power grid. Businesses can also write off the entire system in Accelerated Depreciation. NOTE - Once the Million of Dollars Duke Energy puts out in October is gone, its gone for the year. Last year tons of clients waited and missed out in NC on the Duke Energy Rebates that were available. 



Well that is great because we need some more sharp, motivated associates in many different aspects in our fast growing company. We have openings in many different areas of the country. We have very competitive pay and many areas with no ceiling and unlimited income potential. Best of all, learn now and be ready for the last quarter of the year where we do 60% of our business usually. Solar Installation Training Programs Available - Next 8 Week Training Class Starts - May 25th 2020

Work With the Best and Most Experienced Teachers - Get Job Skills in High Demand. Please click the GET IN TOUCH button at the bottom of this website and send us your contact info. 



We Love to take the time to properly educate our customers, answer all their questions and leave the solar consultation feeling that the potential client has a good understanding of how solar works. We diligently check the following: 1 - The client actually qualifies for the tax credits (HUGE), 2 - what their chances are in securing the Duke Energy Rebate, 3- They understand the solar energy production and savings their system will realistically provide, 4 - find the RIGHT FIT for your specific residence or business, 5 – We lastly and most importantly give you the best price in the market and give you one price. We don't play the high low game for an hour, beat you over the head like a used car salesmen or use high pressure Buy Today or Lose Out tactics. And OUR PRICE is hands down the best you will find with our direct from the manufacturer buying power. We have numerous examples of our price being $5k, $10k and over $20k LOWER than other solar companies for the same size system.


Want More Info / Schedule A Consultation / We're Hiring

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For  more info on anything mentioned above - a no obligation solar consultation & quote - want to see what solar looks like on your actual house or business and want a bankable monthly solar energy production report - If you are a business looking to talk about possibility of partnering with us to get in on the solar action - If you are a really sharp motivated person looking for great career opportunities 

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